Living Next Door to Sydney

Kate Worsley- Suburbist

Kate Worsley

It’s not difficult to find some who has had the same experience as me growing up. Great childhood in a tight knit community, then teenage years come and your world grows a little wider and you realise that the rest of the world views you differently just because you grew up in a suburb that is west of Sydney. Peer pressure gets to you along with the constant “where is that?” and “oh wow, you’ve come along way” and my personal favourite “There is no culture out there”. And so you buy into the “less than” myth and think you have to move to the city to prove your worth, especially if you work in the arts – you must immediately evacuate the barren, cultureless, urban sprawl that is Western Sydney. Searching for the very thing that you always had but were to scared to embrace, a strong diverse community steeped in culture, just without the fancy trimmings and pretty lights of the big city. If you are one of the lucky ones, your story comes full circle and you find yourself back in Western Sydney, realising everything you needed was there all along.  Continue Reading

Parramatta Day 2016


One of the more interesting facts I learnt about Parramatta when I moved here nearly 5 years ago is that the land was settled by colonists at around the same time as Botany Bay. An excellent tactical position, access to fresh water and lush land around it, Parramatta was seen as the perfect place to start a new city in a new world.

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Who Speaks for Me? – William Yang

William Yang

William Yang has been telling his own stories for over twenty years and now he along with producer Annette Shun Wah is helping other people to tell theirs. His latest production, Who Speaks for Me tells the stories of three different families and their experience of being refugees. The show uses personal narratives and photographs to take the audience into the heart of a migrants journey, the stories – at times humorous, at times harrowing – are ones of determination and resilience. Katrina sat down with William to have a chat about the production.  Continue Reading

The Westies x Parramatta Lanes – Our Top 5 Spots

Roxy Car park - Slow food, fast tunes 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Parramatta – it’s not quite Christmas yet but it sure feels like it. IT’S PARRAMATTA LANES TIME!

Since the first year it was launched, members of The Westies have grooved, noshed and cavorted through the laneways around Parramatta, wondering at the sights, sounds, smells and amazing art that laneways has to offer each and every year. This year, Parramatta Lanes is bigger and better than ever –and we have the scoop on the best of what Lane’s has to offer in 2016. As always, we have a real focus on the best of what is happening with local people, and this year there are more Westies doing amazing things at Parramatta Lanes than ever.  Continue Reading

Addventageous – Changing Communities One Cyclist at a Time

Charlene from Addventageous and the group


Sometimes you meet people who are just such a sheer force of will that you can’t imagine that anything they have done won’t be amazing and great and make change in their community. One of these forces is Charlene, the brains, brawn and bad-ass babe behind Addventageous. Pitched as a social enterprise designed to help anyone (and they do mean anyone) learn how to ride a bike, they offer so much more than that to the Parramatta community. From programs for disadvantaged families who need the confidence that comes from cycling to unicycle enthusiasts who want some space and equipment, to office workers who need a bit of a break from their desks  – Addventageous offers it all.

The Westies wandered down to the Parramatta River on a Friday afternoon recently to catch up with Charlene –

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Community and The Plot

 The Plot - CommunityThe Plot isn’t your average music festival, full of dope beats and bright lights – although there are plenty of those too. It’s also about supporting and creating community in The West, celebrating the arts and creating opportunities. For siblings Lorenzo, Bella and Carlos Bruzzese who grew up in Parramatta this is especially important – as the newest generation working in the creative arts in Western Sydney, they have all been given an amazing opportunity to express themselves and do some good at the same time – all in their own backyard. Katrina caught up with them for a coffee and quick chat about their involvement in The Plot and growing up as Westies.  Continue Reading

School Holiday Ideas for Westie tribes

The Listies - school holiday

School Holiday Ideas for Westie tribes, Powered by Entertain My Tribe

If you’re anything like me and the school holidays have completely snuck up on you again, and you’re looking for some local inspiration to take the kids out and keep them entertained, then we’ve got the guide for you.  Continue Reading

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE said no one ever – well not out loud at least!

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Jolan Rice Tassone – OM Yoga



You know those people you meet who you just want to be around? Jolan Rice Tassone is one of those people. I’ve known her for a couple of years as my yoga teacher – the best one I have ever had and not because she can do all the poses with grace and what seems like ease but because she creates a space that makes you feel like you can do all of them too, without judgment or fear of failure. To her just trying is the success.

Jolan has just embarked on a new challenge having just opened her own yoga studio in Emu Plains. To mark this new beginning we sat down had a chat about where her yoga journey began.  Continue Reading

Parramatta, It’s Time To Pitch For Good!



Got a great business idea? Need some cash (and support) to make it happen?  Continue Reading