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Addventageous – Changing Communities One Cyclist at a Time

Charlene from Addventageous and the group


Sometimes you meet people who are just such a sheer force of will that you can’t imagine that anything they have done won’t be amazing and great and make change in their community. One of these forces is Charlene, the brains, brawn and bad-ass babe behind Addventageous. Pitched as a social enterprise designed to help anyone (and they do mean anyone) learn how to ride a bike, they offer so much more than that to the Parramatta community. From programs for disadvantaged families who need the confidence that comes from cycling to unicycle enthusiasts who want some space and equipment, to office workers who need a bit of a break from their desks  – Addventageous offers it all.

The Westies wandered down to the Parramatta River on a Friday afternoon recently to catch up with Charlene –

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Community and The Plot

 The Plot - CommunityThe Plot isn’t your average music festival, full of dope beats and bright lights – although there are plenty of those too. It’s also about supporting and creating community in The West, celebrating the arts and creating opportunities. For siblings Lorenzo, Bella and Carlos Bruzzese who grew up in Parramatta this is especially important – as the newest generation working in the creative arts in Western Sydney, they have all been given an amazing opportunity to express themselves and do some good at the same time – all in their own backyard. Katrina caught up with them for a coffee and quick chat about their involvement in The Plot and growing up as Westies.  Continue Reading

School Holiday Ideas for Westie tribes

The Listies - school holiday

School Holiday Ideas for Westie tribes, Powered by Entertain My Tribe

If you’re anything like me and the school holidays have completely snuck up on you again, and you’re looking for some local inspiration to take the kids out and keep them entertained, then we’ve got the guide for you.  Continue Reading

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE

I am a Westie and I went to TAFE said no one ever – well not out loud at least!

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Jolan Rice Tassone – OM Yoga



You know those people you meet who you just want to be around? Jolan Rice Tassone is one of those people. I’ve known her for a couple of years as my yoga teacher – the best one I have ever had and not because she can do all the poses with grace and what seems like ease but because she creates a space that makes you feel like you can do all of them too, without judgment or fear of failure. To her just trying is the success.

Jolan has just embarked on a new challenge having just opened her own yoga studio in Emu Plains. To mark this new beginning we sat down had a chat about where her yoga journey began.  Continue Reading

Parramatta, It’s Time To Pitch For Good!



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Libraries and Community


When was the last time you visited your local Library? I bet it was years ago, maybe when you were a kid, checking out books and notoriously (in my case at least) returning them late. As a child, the Library was a core part of the community, but in a world where books are cheap and in lots of cases becoming an ancient form of communication (I’m looking at you Encyclopaedia Brittanica) what role does the Library have to play in building and supporting our communities today?

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Liverpool Street Art Festival – 2106


Liverpool is the true definition of multicultural, over 150 languages are spoken around the city making it rich in culture and diverse in the people you see on the street. Walking down the main street of Liverpool is a treat for the senses, shop windows display jewels from all over the world, others promise to read the future held on your palm and the air is full of aromas of Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines that merge together to create an eclectic mix that is truly unique and inviting.  Continue Reading

The Plot X The Westies

The Plot

In 2015, The Westies were proud to review The Plot, one of the biggest things to happen in music in Sydney in recent memory. We had a bit of an inkling at the time that we would be heading to another sweaty moshpit in 2016, and we were 100% correct – The Plot is back bigger and better than ever (and ALL AGES!), with over 30 breaking artists on their way to Parramatta Park on November 19th Continue Reading

Richard Petkovic – Worlds Collide

worlds collide

When we heard about a festival that is to be held on a car park roof, eight storeys above Parramatta straight away we wanted to know more! Artistic director Richard Petkovic is the man behind the Sydney Sacred Music Festival, a festival happening over multiple venues across Sydney from September 2nd-18th with one of the mayor highlights being the Worlds Collide concert on Saturday September 3rd, which has performers from seven different cultures performing as one. The performers combine dance beats with soaring vocals and hip-hop rhymes resulting in a multi-cultural fusion of sounds not heard before. There will also be video instillations, dancers and food set in an unlikely location eight storeys off the ground, get ready to experience music in a whole new way.

Richard grew up in the west and it’s his experiences growing up here that have led to his passion of creating new sounds using the best of the rich diversity of cultures that we find in our suburbs, he happily answered our questions and let us in on what to expect as Worlds Collide.


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