Living Next Door to Sydney

The Plot X The Westies

The Plot

In 2015, The Westies were proud to review The Plot, one of the biggest things to happen in music in Sydney in recent memory. We had a bit of an inkling at the time that we would be heading to another sweaty moshpit in 2016, and we were 100% correct – The Plot is back bigger and better than ever (and ALL AGES!), with over 30 breaking artists on their way to Parramatta Park on November 19th Continue Reading

Richard Petkovic – Worlds Collide

worlds collide

When we heard about a festival that is to be held on a car park roof, eight storeys above Parramatta straight away we wanted to know more! Artistic director Richard Petkovic is the man behind the Sydney Sacred Music Festival, a festival happening over multiple venues across Sydney from September 2nd-18th with one of the mayor highlights being the Worlds Collide concert on Saturday September 3rd, which has performers from seven different cultures performing as one. The performers combine dance beats with soaring vocals and hip-hop rhymes resulting in a multi-cultural fusion of sounds not heard before. There will also be video instillations, dancers and food set in an unlikely location eight storeys off the ground, get ready to experience music in a whole new way.

Richard grew up in the west and it’s his experiences growing up here that have led to his passion of creating new sounds using the best of the rich diversity of cultures that we find in our suburbs, he happily answered our questions and let us in on what to expect as Worlds Collide.


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Vi Girgis – Liverpool Street Art Festival

street art

Several street artists are painting walls in Liverpool this week, 
battling the wind and rain to make sure they are ready for Liverpool’s 
first street art festival being held on Saturday August 13th. The 
Westies sat down with festival organiser Vi Girgis who is self-proclaimed “as Liverpool as it gets!” to have a chat over coffee and chocolate dipped strawberries about how the festival came to be and what street art even is.  Continue Reading

Social Enterprise Program – Parramatta


For most people, the best way to give back and do good things is by contributing to your local community. It gives you a sense of connectedness, and you know that you are doing something that will impact someone’s life. There is a theory that if people take care of their own back yards, the whole world will be alright in the end, and by contributing more often to our communities, we can make really significant change in a place that is close to our hearts – our homes.  Continue Reading

Vegetarian in Parramatta

vegetarian parramatta

I am lucky to be friends with a number of stalwart vegetarians, vegetarian dabblers and vegans, all of whom love a plant based meal. I say lucky, because it forces me out of my comfort zone of food and encourages me to try a variety of new dishes regularly. As part of my never ending quest to bring people west, I have taken my veggie-loving amigos to a huge range of restaurants in Parramatta, in search of delicious cruelty-free meals. And here are the best ones.  Continue Reading

Stacey Gadd – Pink Hope

pink hope

Stacey Gadd is a (kinda new) resident of Campbelltown, a lover of noodle soup and brand ambassador for Pink Hope, a charity dedicated to high-risk breast cancer families. She has been on an incredible journey over the past 10 years after choosing to have a double mastectomy at the age of 22, she now spends a lot of her time dedicated to talking about her boobs and being a strong sassy independent woman. Who doesn’t love that?! The Westies sat down with Stacey in the beautiful Mount Annan Botanic Gardens to talk life, love and boobs…  Continue Reading

Taste Tour of Lakemba


In a suburb that speaks over 60 different languages, you could say that Lakemba has a highly multicultural population. That population includes a variety of nationalities, from Lebanese to Indonesian, Syrian and a range of countries in between. Countries that hold a strong Muslim faith and celebrate Ramadan each year. As part of  Ramadan celebrations in 2016, The Westies were invited to attend a Taste Tour around Lakemba.  We sampled a range of foods that are unique to the Ramadan celebration and experienced the cacophony of smells, sights and flavours that are available in Lakemba any day of the week.   Continue Reading

Winter School Holidays in Western Sydney


The winter school holidays are almost here! Stuck for ideas of things to do? We can help you out, here are some great things to do with the kids that include lots of creativity and tons of fun, from ice staking to sky high adrenalin pumping action we’ve got you covered.

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Bee Cruse – National Theatre of Parramatta

Bee Cruse

Energetic, passionate, open and wise beyond her 22 years Bee Cruse makes an impact from the moment you meet her. With a passion to leave the world better then when she found it she is on a mission to share her stories and those of her people, which as an indigenous young woman is no easy task.

Bee is a participant on National Theatre of Parramatta’s (NTofP) Creative Futures program. The program has given her the opportunity to assist director Vicki Van Hout on the production of Stolen, a play written by Jane Harrison twenty years ago about the stolen generation, a subject that is very close to home for Bee. We sat down for a chat and though tears and laughter from us both she spoke to me about her anger about not knowing her culture because it was taken from her, the power of theatre and how listening is the most important thing that anyone of us can do. Continue Reading


Living Parramatta

It’s my three year Parra-versary this week, and I’m going to be straight up honest, I wasn’t super keen on moving to Parramatta. I was living in Newtown at the time, I was moving west for love and I had only been here twice. Ill go on the record and say it: I was wrong. So wrong. Parramatta has to be one of the best places I’ve ever lived, and I have moved around quite a bit – its been a point of pride for me that before I bought my first home, I had lived in 6 houses and 4 cities in 6 years.

But for the forseeable future, Parramatta is where we will stay, and heres 10 reasons why:  Continue Reading