About - The Westies

The Westies was born out of a desire to shine a light on the great people and places of Western Sydney, growing quickly from a personal project to not for profit organisation. The Westies celebrate the diverse and rich stories coming from The West and we also create opportunities for the wider community to connect, enabling people to recognise the richness of their experiences and how they contribute to the unique identity of Western Sydney. 

A word from The Westies Founder, Katrina James:

I grew up in South Penrith where I had a great childhood and didn’t become aware that Penrith was a less desirable place to live until I was 18 and going out in the city. When talking to people inevitably they would ask where I came from when I replied Penrith reactions ranged from “oohhh that’s a long way away….” to people stopping the conversation and walking away.

I was labeled a Westie by the rest of Sydney and filed under “don’t waste your time”. I found ways to cover up where I came from like saying “oh I come from the base of the Blue Mountains.” I have spent my adult life dodging the truth about where I come from, I spent several years abroad and came back with a fresh perspective, I think it’s time to tell the real stories of where I actually come from. A beautiful place with a great community of people, I founded this orginsation in the hope to redefine what it means to be a Westie  and bring some positivity to its meaning.

Check out our projects page for more info on what we have produced so far.