Australian Brewery

Australian Brewery


Music festival The Plot is happening on Saturday December 5th in Parramatta Park, the line up is incredible including Safia, Art Vs Science, Tkay Maidza and emerging Sydney emcee B Wise who we spoke to a few weeks ago. The organisers of The Plot are the master minds behind Groovin The Moo and are not only concerned about putting together a stella line up but providing a great festival experience for everyone. They are working with local providers to serve up premium produce on the day. As well as great food and drink, I am really excited that two of our stall holders from The Westies Fringe Markets, Groovie Ghoulie and Vintage Virtues will be on hand to help you look your festival best!


When the Plot asked me if I would be interested in talking with any of their providers, I jumped at the chance, I was provided with a long list of interesting people to talk to and it was really difficult to choose who it would be, in the end I went with the Australian Brewery after I found out that they donate all of their gain by-products to a local farmer who then feeds it to his cows, who are said to wait by the gate each and every week for the special delivery!

Australian Brewery


Working with The Plot has been great! They pitched to us that they wanted to run a community style music festival for Western Sydney. It’s all about having local producers, local food and local breweries. There are only two local breweries in Western Sydney, The Australian Brewery and Riverside Brewing. We are doing a pop up space at the event, our brewers will be down there it’s going to be an exchange with customers not just people lining up at a bar and buying a beer, it’s going to be an experience for them. We are really looking forward to it. – David Ward, Sales Manager



We focus on quality, we never, ever put anything on the market were not happy with and nothing we wouldn’t happily and sit down and drink ourselves. – Dan Shaw, Brewer

Twenty six years ago, six brothers with a passion for hospitality started their journey to provide excellent service and great products for their community to enjoy. They continue on their quest with their craft beer taking off and now can not only be found through out Sydney but in six other countries, the are definitely onto something! The founder of the Australian Brewery Marcello Colosimo, answered a few questions for me:



Australian Brewery The Westies: You’ve been established in the hospitality for 26 years, what’s the key to your longevity?

Marcello: I think we have had longevity in the hospitality industry because we have always stuck to what made us successful in the first place. Making centres for the community to come and relax, eat good food and drink great beer in a safe environment. Being a family business means we are all pulling in the same direction and make this the focus of all of our venues.

The Westies: Why Craft Beer?

 Marcello: Just like coffee and food, I saw consumers needs shift in Australia away from quantity towards quality. It is about drinking better drinking less – nothing is better than having a handcrafted beer at the bar with the brewer 10 metres away from where it was brewed. The Hills district had never had anything like this and it is something I wanted to bring to the community.

The Westies: Did you have any experience before starting The Australian Brewery?

Marcello: My family and I started a smaller craft brewery in the Hunter Valley with resort style accommodation to learn as much as we could about the industry. Myself personally I have had a passion for drinking Bavarian style craft beer my whole life, giving me the sort of standard we wanted to work towards.

The Westies: What are the benefits of being based in Western Sydney?

Marcello: Western Sydney has been crying out for something like this for a long time, being in the north west growth corridor has put good beer in a lot of hands.

 The Westies: Congratulations on exporting to 6 countries (so far!) What is it that makes your beer so attractive to other markets?

Marcello: What works well here works well anywhere. Sticking to our processes, only putting out beer we are proud of and building great relationships.

The Westies: Can you tell me a little bit about your sustainability polices and why this is important to you?

Marcello: Packaging in cans has a much lower carbon footprint vs glass, giving all our spent grain to local farmers for their cows is a nice way of giving back as well. Away from the Brewery we use recycled rainwater to flush the toilets and water all of our gardens and recycle all of our glass and paper / cardboard. Lowering our carbon footprint is everyone’s responsibility no matter the size of the business.

Founder Marcello Colosimo and Sales Manger David Ward in Singapore - Photo Supplied by Australian Brewery

 Founder Marcello Colosimo and Sales Manger David Ward in Singapore – Photo Supplied by Australian Brewery

Making good beer takes time, and getting the recipe right also takes time. Drinking the beer at the end makes it all worthwhile.  – Marcello Colosimo, Australian Brewery Founder


Now for the exciting part! The Plot has given The Westies five double passes to give away! All you need to do to win a pass is answer the question: Which artist who is performing at The Plot did the Westies recently speak with? (hint) Email your answer to The winner will be drawn 9am Monday November 30th and will be notified by email.

Note – As this is a licensed event all entrants must be over 18 years of age.

All competition winners will be required to show government approved ID on entry to the event.

Words: Katrina James

Photos: Katrina James