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St George’s Terrace Takeover – Craze Co

“It’s the only thing in Parramatta brighter than a hi vis shirt”

– Suzette Meade 

To make way for the Powerhouse Museum Gladys and the gang in state government are planning to knock down St George’s Terrace along with Willow Grove and a bunch of artists have reclaimed the buildings facade as a gallery space in an effort to bring attention to this terrible plan and highlight the need to preserve Parramatta’s history. 

The artworks symbolise the significance of “Willow Grove” and the “St. Georges Terrace” buildings on Phillip Street in Parramatta, and were produced by a diverse team of creators including Konig, Skae, Kristi McLellan, Craze, Mwaniki Wa-Gichia, Zezey, and Jenny Chiu Hwa May. 

“The state government have left these buildings to rot, thinking they will have less of a fight on their hands for when they want to develop the area as proposed, now that it looks better and people are paying attention, they will have a bigger battle to face.”

– Artist and Curator Craze

The Knitters of MAAS Decoration have joined forces and yarn bombed the site. The group of artists and creatives planned the artwork online and met together for the first time today to transform parts of the site with bright and brilliant artwork.

This is a display of street art at its best, not only is it easy on the eyes it brings attention to a serious issue that the whole community should be concerned about.  

Words: Katrina James

Photos: Katrina James

Blessing – Trendy B Designs

Fashion in its purest form is an artistic expression, a statement of who you are or who you want to be on any given day. Blessing Azolibe has explored many paths propelled by others, well meaning expectations but it has been focusing on her fashion label Trendy B that has provided her with the most joy and success in life. Her designs are colourful, unique and strong much like Blessing herself who spent time telling me about her journey thus far, including some challenges and the importance of holding onto where we come from. 

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