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Libraries and Community


When was the last time you visited your local Library? I bet it was years ago, maybe when you were a kid, checking out books and notoriously (in my case at least) returning them late. As a child, the Library was a core part of the community, but in a world where books are cheap and in lots of cases becoming an ancient form of communication (I’m looking at you Encyclopaedia Brittanica) what role does the Library have to play in building and supporting our communities today?

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Penrith Community Panel


Today we have a guest post from Kim who runs the blog Living Next Door to Sydney. Kim was recently part of the Penrith Community Panel are a group of diverse residents who spent hours looking at Council’s plans, finances, services and capacity, with the aim of advising council on where they can go from here. The panel presented council with a 32 page document titled “The City We Want” Kim gives us an insider look on the process it took to get there.  Continue Reading