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Amanda Sluiter – The Old New

Amanda from The Old New has a pretty amazing story. From kidneys to fertility, science to surprises and sustainability, through it all she has gained her small business, The Old New, in Wentworthville. With the recent focus on sustainability and design, recycling clothing is more important than ever – and there’s nothing better than someone local offering you the chance to swap out your gently used clothing or those brand new, with tag items with something new to you. We chatted makeovers, renovations and life renewal.

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What are you doing for your local environment?

Lake Parramatta - Parramatta Rowboats Hire - Photo Katrina James

I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider myself a greenie. I could do more to help the planet (as my enviro-loving friends are often telling me!) but I do like to do the simple little things, because I do believe we have to look after the earth (the only earth) that we live on.

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Here is the second half of our collaboration with Happy Little Tenant, last week be brought you the first five of our ten tips to a stylish Christmas and today we present the final five, we hope your Christmas is already off to a stylish start. Do let us know which tip you like best in the comments below.  Continue Reading

Laura Watson – Jordan Springs Women’s Community Group

Laura watson

Laura sent me an email introducing herself and asking if I would be interested in having chat. She has just started Jordan Springs Women’s Community Group and was reaching out to people to help spread the word. I love anyone who is doing something to help their community so I called her straight away and set-up a time. Laura is one inspiring, gorgeous lady who shared her story about how she came to set-up the group with me. Read on to find out how she went from being over weight and unhappy to a runway model.  Continue Reading



It’s that time of year again and to help you navigate a great looking silly season The Westies have teamed up with  Justine from Happy Little Tenant who has come up with 10 tips for your most organised and stylish Christmas yet. Here are the first five. We will be sharing the rest with you next week, until then happy first day of summer and the official start to the festive season!  Continue Reading

Justine Schafer – Happy Little Tenant

Happy Little Tenant

 I first saw Justine’s interior design work on Instagram and when I emailed her to find out where she was based I was delighted to hear she was in Jamisontown. I wanted to have a chat with her about working life with two children and check out her gorgeous home. She has done a perfect job of balancing a stylish yet welcoming home and two delightful children who I would have taken home with me. Justine is a great role model for anyone wishing they could work at home too. Continue Reading

Kim Cancellier – Beauty Queen


I was at a local charity event which was attended mostly by men, one of the guest speakers was Mrs Oceania who I thought wouldn’t have to much to say. I mean what do beauty queens talk about anyway? Well, it turns out Kim had a lot to say. She is incredibly passionate about the charities she works for and won her current Mrs Oceania title not only because she looks gorgeous but because she is a gorgeous person who works very hard. We had a honest chat about how she got into beauty pageants, domestic violence and not being a typical pageant girl.

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Dave Stead


I met Dave and Julz at a networking event. When I heard Dave had gone through a massive transformation to get to where he is now, I knew I wanted to hear the full story. Dave is incredibly open and honest about his story and while he did all the talking, it was easy to tell Julz is the support that holds him up. Dave and Julz run HWPO fitness – Hard Work Pays Off, for those of you who are wondering what it stands for. They couldn’t have picked a better name as Dave is living proof of how hard work really does pay off. Continue Reading

Jade Garcia


Jade Garcia is a gorgeous woman who is raising four beautiful children, whilst studying for her bachelor in communication majoring in advertising. She graciously let me hang out with her and experience an afternoon in her life.

With mothers like Jade the future is in good hands.  Continue Reading

Siam Cameron


Siam Cameron kicks of f the first of the Westies at Home category. Siam invited me to come and see some of his art and explained to me how he started drawing and what it has meant to his life. Looking at his work you would never believe he only started drawing eight months ago! I can’t wait to see what the next eights months has install for Siam. 


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