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Libraries and Community


When was the last time you visited your local Library? I bet it was years ago, maybe when you were a kid, checking out books and notoriously (in my case at least) returning them late. As a child, the Library was a core part of the community, but in a world where books are cheap and in lots of cases becoming an ancient form of communication (I’m looking at you Encyclopaedia Brittanica) what role does the Library have to play in building and supporting our communities today?


For those of you with kids, you might still be acutely aware of the role that the Library plays in your community. A place to meet other kids, story time, a place to talk to other actual (*gasp) adults. Around the Parramatta local area, there has been significant improvement in the books and resources made available to kids in the Libraries, which means that this place of nostalgic value for us as parents still has relevance for the next generation.


As part of moving towards a new and innovative library system, the Parramatta Library in particular offers e-books which you can even check out online, from the comfort of your own home, to read on your iPad or kindle. It’s an amazing system, but not one with great awareness. And while it’s very easy to get to Libraries in our area, with access to local public transport right around the corner in most cases, the idea of being able to check out a new book to read late of an evening without having to get out of my pyjamas has an excellent appeal.

It would be great to see the Library available to more residents with longer opening hours, particularly in summer and different weekend hours. The problem with any community service is that the less it is used, the less funding is dedicated to it.  With more visitors, the Library can increase and broaden its resources, offer better services and increase the role it plays in the community.


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Words: Emma Wright

Photos: Katrina James