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Parramatta’s Eat Street is always a hub of activity over the weekend, with people spilling across crossings and out of restaurants onto streets, revelling in the weekend, the incredible mix of restaurants and the beautiful weather that we have been having lately. But you know what isn’t so great and picturesque? Car parks.

Yes, we are drilling down to the nitty gritty here – but if you’ve gone to all the trouble to get out of bike shorts (helloooo Sydney Summer!), add an extra swipe of mascara to your lashes and sashay out on the town with your significant other or best gal pals, surely you want the surrounds to at least WORK for you right? The last thing you want after a nice meal is to get completely lost looking for your car or wander into the wrong carpark completely. Just me? Didn’t think so…


The City of Parramatta Council are pretty switched on and heard our desperate cries for a better way  – they get that there are always things that could be done to improve this amazing city. So this autumn (read; still bloody hot) they are giving the Eat Street Carpark a bit of a facelift and hosting a couple of pretty sweet events to show you the progress. There are lots of really practical issues being tackled, like new diagrams for staircases and emergency exits and different ways to remember what floor you parked on – but there are also a tonne of really FUN things happening that are showing off the best that Western Sydney has to offer.

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On March 4th the bottom level of carpark is being taken over as council throws a little get together with some of our local favourites like Darcy Street Project who will be serving up their always perfect coffee and will have a special range of teas that change colour before your eyes. Addventageous will be teaching you how to ride a unicycle and you will get your chance to leave a mark-on-the-park with a huge chalk mural, great if you have little ones and even better if you just like drawing all over public property. We are bringing out a bunch of games like table tennis and the giant chess pieces from Centenary Square so you can come along, check out the changes being made to the carpark and be involved in what is going on in your city!


There will be a second event being held on April 1st this time on the rooftop – stay tuned for more details on that one!


Some of our mates will be bringing along their food trucks and stalls and serving sweet treats on the day, just about the best thing to be doing while watching the artists work on these huge murals. Listen to some of your local favourite artists as they play laid back tunes and generally hang out in and around these hidden and kind of forgotten spaces in the city, that are now being given a whole new lease on life. And best of all, you can still park just around the corner and head off to dinner on Eat Street – if you haven’t spoiled your appetite!


You’ve got to admit… Life’s Pretty Sweet on Eat Street! See you there! Event details here.

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