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Locale Festival – Cumberland Council


Western Sydney has long been a catch-all phrase for anything outside the Inner West, reaching all the way south to Sutherland and as far west as the mountains. And by encompassing such a huge area, that means that no matter where in the West you are living, there is always something happening, somewhere new to explore and new influences to make your taste buds tingle. It’s also super difficult to keep track of all that’s going on, we almost missed out on Locale Festival and we don’t want you to either so here’s your heads up! 

Locale Festival showcases the best of the hidden pockets of suburbs you probably haven’t explored yet. Set over a huge range of suburbs in many locations, the Locale Festival is dedicated to showing off the people and diverse cultures that call Cumberland, one of the areas in the south of Sydney’s West, home.

With events being held in suburbs like Auburn, Regents Park and Berala, each location has a distinct flavour, influenced by the people who have settled and called each of these suburbs home. In Auburn, get a taste of the Ottoman night life as they host a night market full of bright lights and bold flavours. Dance your way through the Bollywood Street Party held in Regents Park or explore the concrete jungle vibes brought by a Pop-up skate park in Greystanes.

This is your chance to have a completely different experience of suburbs that might be just around the corner, down the train line and extra stop or two or a short bus ride away. Tour the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, known in passing at least by anyone who has ever caught a Western Line train. Visit the Sai Temple in Regents Park and grow to understand the glittering culture of India and it’s deep connection to faith. Become familiar with local landmarks in suburbs you have heard of but never had a chance to visit or truly experience

As we have often seen, the best connections and the best way to know a culture is through the food people share. The Locale Festival is a celebration of international dishes – eating them, making them, sharing them and celebrating them. Whether you want to help settle the longest running war West Africa – which country makes the best Jollof, learn to grow your own herbs, pickle your own vegetables or pay a visit to local legends Knafeh Bearded Bakers, there is a gastronomic experience around every corner and in every suburb throughout Cumberland.

So now we have you interested, here are the details –

Held Friday 14th of July through to Sunday 23rd of July.

Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday holds different events from either places, people, arts and culture, food and workshops scattered across the Cumberland area. Some events repeat, allowing you to go to a little bit of everything as you trawl your way through this part of Western Sydney. Other events are for one day or night only, so head to www.cumberland.nsw.gov.au/locale and plan out your own timetable of events to attend.

This is a chance to get up close and intimate with new areas of Western Sydney you may already know or have yet to discover. Either way, it promises to be a great adventure.

Words: Emma Wright

Photos: Main image: Katrina James others supplied by Locale Festival

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