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Maya Brasnovic – Made:Here

Made:Here Liverpool

Visiting Liverpool you could easily think the main parts of the city are Westfield and Liverpool Mall, however the locals know it’s the lively lanes that connect the city from North to South where real life is being lived. Each lane has its own personality from music schools, to wedding planners, barbers and seamstresses. If you want to truly experience Liverpool, ducking down a laneway is the way to do it.

Identifying an opportunity to encourage a creative retail hub at the south end of the CBD, Liverpool Council has recently launched The Liverpool Pop Up campaign offering vacant shop fronts in Northumberland Street Arcade to start-ups, social enterprises, community groups or artists to set up a temporary retail shop.

The Westies chatted with Maya Brasnovic who has set up her shop Made:Here selling art and design pieces created by local artists, designers, crafters and makers about her inspiration for opening the shop and where she hopes it will lead.  Continue Reading

Social Enterprise Program – Parramatta


For most people, the best way to give back and do good things is by contributing to your local community. It gives you a sense of connectedness, and you know that you are doing something that will impact someone’s life. There is a theory that if people take care of their own back yards, the whole world will be alright in the end, and by contributing more often to our communities, we can make really significant change in a place that is close to our hearts – our homes.  Continue Reading

Michael Todd – Business Advisor


Michael Todd takes the serious topic of business advice and turns it into the most exciting conversation you have had that day. Michael works as a business advisor at the Penrith BEC (Business Enterprise Centre) who offer confidential, fully subsidised business advice.

Michael is open and approachable and wears a constant smile.  It’s hard not to walk away feeling inspired after having a chat with him. Michael is the type of guy you want making big decisions. Mayor Michael Todd, has a nice ring to it don’t you think?   Continue Reading