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Maya Brasnovic – Made:Here

Made:Here Liverpool

Visiting Liverpool you could easily think the main parts of the city are Westfield and Liverpool Mall, however the locals know it’s the lively lanes that connect the city from North to South where real life is being lived. Each lane has its own personality from music schools, to wedding planners, barbers and seamstresses. If you want to truly experience Liverpool, ducking down a laneway is the way to do it.

Identifying an opportunity to encourage a creative retail hub at the south end of the CBD, Liverpool Council has recently launched The Liverpool Pop Up campaign offering vacant shop fronts in Northumberland Street Arcade to start-ups, social enterprises, community groups or artists to set up a temporary retail shop.

The Westies chatted with Maya Brasnovic who has set up her shop Made:Here selling art and design pieces created by local artists, designers, crafters and makers about her inspiration for opening the shop and where she hopes it will lead.  Continue Reading

Liverpool Street Art Festival – 2106


Liverpool is the true definition of multicultural, over 150 languages are spoken around the city making it rich in culture and diverse in the people you see on the street. Walking down the main street of Liverpool is a treat for the senses, shop windows display jewels from all over the world, others promise to read the future held on your palm and the air is full of aromas of Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines that merge together to create an eclectic mix that is truly unique and inviting.  Continue Reading

Vi Girgis – Liverpool Street Art Festival

street art

Several street artists are painting walls in Liverpool this week, 
battling the wind and rain to make sure they are ready for Liverpool’s 
first street art festival being held on Saturday August 13th. The 
Westies sat down with festival organiser Vi Girgis who is self-proclaimed “as Liverpool as it gets!” to have a chat over coffee and chocolate dipped strawberries about how the festival came to be and what street art even is.  Continue Reading

L-Fresh The Lion

L-Fresh The Lion


L-Fresh The Lion’s parents immigrated to Australia in the 80’s settling in South West Sydney, which has become as equally influential on his musical outputs as L-Fresh’s ancestral roots of the Sikhs from Punjab, India.

I first saw him perform at The Plot festival in Parramatta in December last year. From the minute he and his band stepped on stage the place was buzzing. In is music L-Fresh speaks about some tough topics such as racism, politics and identity struggles. His skill is in delivering the messages in such a way that it actually sinks in and opens up conversation rather than laying blame and creating negative friction.

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