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Peter Curnovic – Beatdisc Records


Surviving as a small business is tough. Surviving as an independent record store is close to impossible. Running that business for over twenty three years is nothing short of a miracle.

Peter Curnovic has been working at Beatdisc Records for over twenty three years and has just celebrated 10 years as owner. When you consider more than 60% of small businesses shut their doors within three years of opening and 80% in the first five, then add into the mix that Beatdisc Records is located in an area with no dedicated live music venues in an arcade that you are likely to never stumble across without some good directions, as far a statistics go you have a bit of a problem on your hands .

Chatting with Pete, it became clear that his passion for music and community are the well laid foundations that have kept him in a business that not only survives but thrives. Beatdisc is an institution that deserves to be celebrated at every turn. First, read the interview, then pay yourself a visit to the shop in Parramatta – directions are below. This is one well kept secret that we need to start shouting from the rooftops.  

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Community and The Plot

 The Plot - CommunityThe Plot isn’t your average music festival, full of dope beats and bright lights – although there are plenty of those too. It’s also about supporting and creating community in The West, celebrating the arts and creating opportunities. For siblings Lorenzo, Bella and Carlos Bruzzese who grew up in Parramatta this is especially important – as the newest generation working in the creative arts in Western Sydney, they have all been given an amazing opportunity to express themselves and do some good at the same time – all in their own backyard. Katrina caught up with them for a coffee and quick chat about their involvement in The Plot and growing up as Westies.  Continue Reading

L-Fresh The Lion

L-Fresh The Lion


L-Fresh The Lion’s parents immigrated to Australia in the 80’s settling in South West Sydney, which has become as equally influential on his musical outputs as L-Fresh’s ancestral roots of the Sikhs from Punjab, India.

I first saw him perform at The Plot festival in Parramatta in December last year. From the minute he and his band stepped on stage the place was buzzing. In is music L-Fresh speaks about some tough topics such as racism, politics and identity struggles. His skill is in delivering the messages in such a way that it actually sinks in and opens up conversation rather than laying blame and creating negative friction.

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The Plot with Kathryn Holloway and B Wise

B Wise The Plot Kathryn Holloway


I was super excited to hear that The Plot a festival with an awesome (mostly) Aussie lineup was coming to Parramatta in December. Finally we get some decent live music close to home. Last week I met with festival organiser Kathryn Holloway and hip hop artist B Wise in Parra where we had a chat about the Plot and how it came to be. (I also left my camera lens in a lane in Parramatta and when I went back four hours later it was still waiting for me, but that’s another story) Lets hope this is not just a one off and we start to see other live music events coming our way.  Continue Reading